Mango Magic Ice – Gold By One Up Vapor 100ML


Product Description

Mango Magic Ice – Gold By One Up Vapor

Burst of classic mango so good, it’s magical.

Say hello to the blend that will be your number one sidekick this upcoming summer season. It’s got the flavor, its got the texture and of course, it has that refreshing coolness that you need to stay calm, collected and at the very top of your game. When the sun is out and the humidity is through the roof, what you really need is a pure, fresh blend that is going to make sure that your needs are met. This is a very trustworthy, premium vaping option that will come through for you no matter what and always be that dependable choice that will give you that all-encompassing vaping session that you have been on the hunt for. With this blend around, forget about sitting there in a sweaty puddle and dreaming about dipping your feet in some cold, ocean water. This juice brings the feeling of the islands all the way to you without having to go on vacation. Isn’t that a great thing? You will taste the difference, accurately represented flavors and immediately feel yourself slipping into this relaxation and revival mode that takes your mind off of the troubles of day to day life. creates some premium quality juices that are going to be an invaluable part of any vapers collection. They just have this innate skill for coming up with interesting and delicious juices that will have you redefining what you thought was possible in today’s day and age. Mango Magic Ice combines some of the most luscious, ripe, exotic mango fruits with a blast of menthol that will have you bundling up in a jacket on even the hottest of days.


Bottle sizes are 100 ml. 

Nicotine Level: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg