Mango Magic – Gold By One Up Vapor 100ML

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Product Description

Mango Magic – Gold By One Up Vapor 

Burst of classic mango so good, it’s magical. 

Ready for an amazing magic trick that is going to be brought to you by a sweet and succulent fruit? Well, you came to the right show. Mango Magic is the name of the e liquid that is going to allow you to get the juicy and creamy sensation that this mango has to offer. When you take a pull of this amazing e liquid, you can feel the crafty mango making its way in as if the show was about to start. As it looks at the venue, which is your mouth, it realizes how it is the perfect spot to practice his new magic trick. As you keep pulling, the mango begins the performance. You can feel it smoothly making a path down your throat as if it was going to disappear down there. Suddenly, it starts to make its way down your throat and you suddenly receive this burst of flavors as if the mango has just erupted and multiplied itself before your very eyes. As you applaud, you start to let this e liquid out of your mouth. It smoothly makes an exit as your taste buds give it a standing ovation. Your taste buds begin to yell “encore” but that is up to you to decide. As you begin to exhale, you can taste a few more notes of the mango and look at the beautiful clouds you are able to make when vaping with this e liquid. They are going to smell amazing and realize maybe your taste buds deserve that encore they were asking for. Lucky for you, every pull after the first one just gets better and better. Stop hesitating to try this amazing blend that is going to put on quite the show. How many tickets are you going to by to witness the magical stylings of

Mango Magic


Bottle sizes are 100 ml. 

Nicotine Level: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg