Pineapple Passion – Gold By One Up Vapor 100ml


Product Description

Pineapple Passion – Gold By One Up Vapor  

A distinct pineapple flavor for tropical vibes taking you straight to an island paradise.


The tangy pineapple in this e liquid is going to make your tongue pop like no freaking tomorrow. The sweet and tart flavors are going to make your day go a lot smoother. Pineapple Passion is going to be the e liquid that you are going to have to reach for if you enjoy taking a little trip to a tropical island. When you think it is time for you to go on this little trip, you are going to feel amazing. The pineapple flavor is going to creep into your mouth and burst so that you can taste all of its amazing flavors that this e liquid is going to be packed with. As you savor all of the flavors that this e liquid has to offer, you will feel as if you are helping yourself to an incredible pineapple cocktail. It is helping you feel refreshed but great at the same time. As the e liquid smoothly begins to make its way down your throat, you might grow nervous because of the burst of flavors that you are about to receive. The throat hit is not going to be intense, but the eruption of a more potent pineapple is going to be visible. It is going to feel as if you swallowed a pineapple whole, but the time you are finished savoring these flavors. When you begin to exhale, the amazing clouds are going to come out and greet you with their amazing aromatic clouds. They are just going to be your friendly aromatic clouds getting ready to show you a good time. The longer your keep exhaling, the bigger they get. They are going to get bigger and bigger, but before you know it, they will be gone and it will be time for another fresh trip for you to go on. Take as many as you want because this e liquid just gets better and better.


Bottle sizes are 100 ml.