Sweet Tobacco – One Up Salt Vapor 30ML

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Product Description
Sweet Tobacco – One Up Salt Vapor

There’s just something about those staple flavors that keep on pulling us back and this one is the perfect example of that. It’s got a classic flavor that’s been given a new layer of dimension that will have those of us with more disconcerting tastes feeling like they’ve come across that more elevated and premium flavor that they have been looking for all of this time. From the moment that you bring this blend into your life forward, you are going to hold all other juices under much higher scrutiny. Once you get a taste of something as perfected and straight-up delicious as this, there just isn’t any going back. It’s very easy to end up making this option your new trusty sidekick that you use more times than not. One Up Salt Vapor creates salt based blends that are all about providing you with flavor as well as texture that leaves anyone who tries them speechless. They really do have a concentration on quality that makes them elevated choices that all have a more luxurious feel to them. Sweet Tobacco has a classic tobacco base flavor that’s set off with a hint of sweetness that will ring through loud and clear. Find all of that tobacco flavor that you’ve been struggling to hold back from all at once with this juice that brings out its best qualities so you can help mitigate those cravings.