Apple Melon – One Up Salt Vapor 30ML


Product Description
Apple Melon – One Up Salt Vapor

Fruity, fresh and oh so fun, when you need a blend to help accompany you on all of your great adventures in life, this could very well be your new companion. It has a flavor that is so bright and clean that it really makes for a wonderful option for daily use. You’re getting a whole lot of dimension with this fruity juice as it has the right amount of sweetness with that slightly tart kick that really adds to the authenticity. The real takeaway that you’re going to end up walking away with after tasting this blend is that it’s really got vibrancy and balance down to a science. Just think about the amount of pleasure that you’ll find when you know that you can effortlessly grab it and have the option to taste some of that truly unique and special flavor that you so greatly crave. One Up Salt Vapor makes juices that are set apart from all of the rest with their exceptional creativity and true skill that is a huge sign of the talent their team holds. Apple Melon begins with a tart, crisp green apple and introduces it to succulent, sweet melon.