Wet N Wavy Ice – Rivals By One Up Vapor 100ML


Product Description

Wet N Wavy Ice – Rivals By One Up Vapor



Sometimes adding a little bit of an icy feel can enhance the flavors of an already amazing e liquid. You might have heard of the original Wet N Wavy because it is a popular flavor that many people make a priority to get. However, now it is available with a little bit of ice in order to give you an intense sensation when it comes to flavor. Wet N Wavy Ice is ready to show you a good time when it allows you to savor one of the most refreshing fruits with a little extra icy kick. When you decide to take a pull of this e liquid, you can taste the amazing watermelon making its way in. You were expecting this fruit from the beginning so it does not really surprise you. Although you may be familiar with this taste, you will be shocked by the number of flavors that went into creating this e liquid. As you enjoy the watermelon taste, you begin to feel as if the watermelon is not coming to you in the form of a fruit, but in the form of a gummy piece of candy that is adding more sweetness and enhancing the flavors of the watermelon. Not that the watermelon needed any enhancements because it is perfect the way it is, but if it is going to taste better, why not? Right when you think that these are all the flavors that this e liquid has to offer, once you feel that small throat hit you are going to taste one last hint that is going to be incredible. The icy sensation is going to feel as if you are feeding yourself to a couple mints that are going to leave your throat and mouth feeling refreshed. With all of these flavors growing potent in your mouth, at this point, your mouth may begin to water. If it does, let it because all it is telling you to do is go for another hit once this one has exited the building. 


Primary Flavors Watermelon, Candy, Menthol


Bottle sizes are 100 ml.