Thirst Ice – Bolt By One Up Vapor 100ML

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Product Description

Thirst Ice – Bolt By One Up Vapor

Primary Flavors: Mango, Guava, Pineapple, Menthol

This fruity combination will end up setting your taste buds down a path that they are never going to want to stray away from. The way that they are able to so effortlessly combine this flavors in such a complementary and effective way is stunning and you will come to see that they are always going to give you exactly what you need as far as refreshment goes. No one is going to know quite how that they were able to make flavors that are as expressive and intense without giving up the integrity of their authenticity. There is just something that is so wonderfully different about this juice that is going to be noteworthy and have you wanting to scream its names for the rooftops, or if you don’t want to be all that extra, just spread the word to all of your friends. At you very first, initial inhale of this blend it will be like you are on a beach on the Bahamas, soaking in the sun, frolicking in the waves and feeling the sand go through your toes.BY ONE UP VAPOR  is going to beyond impress you with their scrumptious blends that bring loads of power into play and ensure that you will find that satisfaction no matter what. You will be able to keep on coming back to them through thick and thin and always know you will be getting exactly what you needed. Thirst Ice is a bone-chilling, heart-pounding combination of sweet, luscious mango, exotic guava fruits and bold pineapple that are married together with some freezing cold menthol. This blend is something that you are going to keep on coming back to in the long run


Bottle sizes are 100 ml. 

Nicotine Level:Zero, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg