Our USA E Liquids

Who Are Manufacturers?

We buy liquids in a large quantity from USA manufacturers we are not manufacturers and we just know the basic ingredients of the liquids, The formula of their productions are registered in FDA(Department of food grade in America). Their quality of liquid is more then the quality of food grade. The company doesn’t mention that they are halal or not, like other stores and other shops in Pakistan mention that they have halal liquids although they don’t manufacture liquids. We doesn’t mean that they are not halal or halal we just can’t certify that the liquids are halal. But we provide you same quality as we got from the company. And the ingredients company mentioned that ingredients are halal. But the company doesn’t mention their secret formula so we can’t approve them. So we assure you that we just buy in a large Bottles of liquids and then we sells Our USA E Liquid them in small Bottles its GUARANTEED.

USA E Liquid