Tropical Worm Ice – Bolt By One Up Vapor 100ML


Product Description

Tropical Worm Ice – Bolt By One Up Vapor

Primary Flavors: Menthol, Candy,typical Fruits

This isn’t your typical, run of the mill candy flavored blend, this juice has got some real gourmet flavor behind it that will make you feel like you are at one of those highly exclusive, overpriced confectionary studios. The best part is, you’re getting all of that premium, high-class flavor without having to have the budget to match. There is something that is just so easy to fall in love with when you have this blend around, it just combines so many great tastes and feelings into one to make something that is unlike anything else. Anyone who struggles with cravings for sweets is going to find that this blend is a fantastic solution that will allow you to keep on getting all of that delicious flavor that has your mouth watering non-stop but without having any stress or discomfort that the real thing can end up bringing about. You really are getting the best of both worlds and will be able to indulge and fulfill yourself to the fullest without having any second guesses or guilt entering your mind. When you try this juice, your mind may just end up being whisked away to some private island in the middle of the sun where you don’t have a care in the world. will pleasantly surprise you with their impressive blends that have so much to offer. You will come to find that they are the kind of brand that you can always depend on to come through and deliver that outcome that you so greatly crave. Tropical Worm Ice combines a classic, sweet, sticky gummy candy base with a mixture of vibrant tropical fruit flavors and just the right amount of menthol packed kick to set everything off.


Bottle sizes are 100 ml.